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Choosing a Paving Contractor

Paving is a Big Decision

Having your parking lot or driveway installed, replaced, resealed or repaired is a great choice, but it can be a strenuous process. After all, driveways and parking lots are important parts of your

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property and landscaping, and their quality can have a direct effect on the perception of your home or business, and even its safety. That’s why choosing the right the paving company is vital. You can count on A-Pak Paving to perform every paving job correctly, using our expert knowledge, quality tools, and state-approved materials. We’re here to bring you a smooth, professional result every time. Give us a call or view our gallery of past jobs.

A poor paving job can come with many defects. An uneven paving job could result in depression spots or “birdbaths” that create puddles in your driveway or parking lot. A subpar paving contractor may grade your driveway or parking lot pitch incorrectly, resulting in runoff drainage toward your home or business–and subsequent water damage. That won’t do! At A-Pak Paving, our parking lot and driveway paving contractors are dedicated to quality paving and repair jobs that are resistant to sagging, ruts, erosion, cracks, and flaking edges. We will determine the proper pitch for your driveway and test your ground to ensure a stable base. We can even ensure that your parking lines are well-spaced and painted evenly and brightly. Speed bumps, parking lot sign installation, Belgian edges, and other finishing touches will be attended to with diligence and detail. From the basics to the bonuses, we have you covered.

At A-Pak Paving, we make choosing a paving company easy. Our parking lot and driveway paving contractors understand the importance of combining the stable, larger stones that are present in the binding coat with the finer, more finished-looking stones that make up the top coat. The combination of these two coats ensures a paving job that is water-resistant, strong, attractive, and long-lasting. Many factors affect the proper application of these coats, such as underground utility activity or drainage needs. Trust the paving company that understands the proper application of binder coats and top coats and can determine which pavement thickness is most appropriate for your terrain. Don’t leave the stability and beauty of your parking lot or driveway in the hands of amateurs–let the experts at A-Pak Paving do the job properly.

When it comes to choosing a paving company, choose the one customers are praising. The professionals at A-Pak Paving have more than 15 years experience in bringing customers the best possible paving services. Using only top-quality materials and the most up-to-date techniques, our paving company will work to make your parking lot or driveway meet your custom specifications. Your satisfaction is our goal! Call or contact A-Pak Paving today to learn how we can serve you!

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