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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about paving or driveway care, feel free to contact us.

In many cases, eliminating “bird baths” in a parking lot or driveway can be extremely difficult. The surrounding surface elevations, structures, and curbs complicate matters, making it hard to create positive water flow. Low spots in your driveway or parking lot can usually be corrected with driveway resurfacing, driveway repairs (cutting out and replacing the low area), or re-heating the pavement to lower high areas and fill low areas. In order to prevent future damage, A-Pak Paving will fully assess your pavement, addressing the root causes in order to resolve low spots or other voids in your blacktop completely and correctly. Contact our paving company today to set up a quality driveway repair or maintenance appointment.
There are some paving companies that attempt to sell seal coating services immediately after installation of driveway pavement as part of an extended warranty or other service. Avoid this at all costs! Seal coating your driveway’s surface immediately following paving is not in any way beneficial. Sealing should be done initially after the first year, and then once every two to three years should suffice. Be careful not to overseal the asphalt, as doing so could make it slippery and dangerous. For more information regarding pavement sealcoating, call our paving contractors today. The A-Pak Paving team is available to answer any questions you may have.
n most cases, the driveway or parking lot paving will be safe to drive on within 3-4 days after our driveway contractors complete the installation. If any special precautions are necessary, you will be given detailed instructions by the paving company manager on-site during the day of the paving or driveway resurfacing project. Be careful not to turn car wheels without moving the vehicle when you do drive on the pavement, as this will damage the asphalt before it fully cures.
Although asphalt is generally a low-maintenance aggregate, here at A-Pak Paving, we understand the importance of protecting your investment. Our driveway paving contractors will recommend a preventative maintenance plan and will provide you with literature so you can take a proactive approach as well. Our driveway contractors will walk you through the step-by-step process. If you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime.
While we recommend keeping your driveway or parking lot seams at a minimum, we can add on to existing asphalt at any time. You can count on the driveway paving contractors at A-Pak Paving to provide expert installation of new pavement and precision seams, keeping your driveway visually cohesive and structurally sound.
Your asphalt acts as a huge solar cell, absorbing tremendous amounts of heat and resulting in softer asphalt. Turning your wheels in one spot or sudden back-and-forth motions can cause damage to your new driveway or parking lot, and thus should be avoided as much as possible. Severe tire marks or gouges may require driveway repair. For more information on repairs, new driveway paving installation, or how to maintain the condition of your driveway, call us today.

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