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Driveway Repair

Repairing Your Existing Driveway.

Staying on top of driveway repair issues can not only extend the life of your driveway, but it can also make your driveway safer and more attractive. Grass growing in the cracks of your driveway can make your property look neglected and force the cracks to widen and get worse. Potholes can cause damages to vehicles. Attending to driveway repairs is a simple way to improve the appearance of your home and ensure your continued safety. Call the licensed, bonded, and insured driveway contractors at A-Pak Paving for a free estimate on driveway repairs today!

Our professional driveway contractors will perform driveway repairs on any driveway, no matter the length or composition. We start by brushing any debris off of your driveway and hosing it down to ensure a clean working surface. The A-Pak Paving contractors will close up smaller cracks with crack filler. For larger cracks, an asphalt or concrete patch is applied and smoothed down to become flush with the driveway or parking lot’s main surface. Deeper cracks may require additional filler to be completely sealed and protected against further damage. For a professional job that will withstand heavy use, the effects of the elements, and the change of many seasons, contact A-Pak Paving today. Cracks will only grow larger with time, so stop them while they’re small!

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Driveway Patching and Saw Cut Repairs

Saw cutting involves the cutting of neat, straight lines in driveways to either prevent or patch cracks. In preventative saw cutting, the driveway is scored to create control joints, which are placed where our driveway paving contractors predict that the driveway may eventually crack. The cracks are cut so the driveway will have space in which to contract and expand with changing temperatures and age, trading the chance of an unpredictable crack with straight, intentional saw cuts that can be patterned for a unique look. When A-Pak Paving performs saw cutting to repair damages already incurred on an isolated section your driveway or parking lot, the affected area is removed with a straight-cutting saw to ensure a smooth edge and then patched with fresh asphalt or concrete. We will make sure that the area surrounding the saw cut and the patch are level and flushed together to ensure that there is no ridge or lip where your driveway or parking lot was repaired. To learn more about saw cuts and how we can help keep your parking lot or driveway in great repair, call A-Pak Paving today.

Driveway Replacement Dig-Outs

Perhaps your existing driveway is damaged throughout, making it too broken up to justify driveway repair. In that case, the best option is an entire driveway dig-out and replacement. AtA-Pak Paving, our professional driveway contractors will first dig out and haul away the pieces of your old, deteriorated driveway and then ensure that your sub-driveway ground is stable and capable of bearing the load of your new driveway. After determining the dimensions of the new driveway, we level and smooth out the driveway base, and then lay the new driveway coats. Our team also makes sure to determine the proper pitch for your new driveway to ensure effective drainage. We’re here to make certain your new driveway looks great and meets all of your needs from stability to drainage. To learn more about our driveway dig-out and replacement process, call the driveway paving contractors at A-Pak Paving today.

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